Cynthia says ™ “Do as I say”

… but “not as I do”. What am I referring to? The new accessibility checking service that features the cartoonified face of Cynthia Waddell. And why is it a case of do as I say, not as I do? Well, I found a few issues with the results page.

First, let me say that the reports are much more manageable for beginners to understand. This is a good thing, however …

  • The reports have underlined section headings suggesting a link (which they are not) - this is a usability issue that should be fixed ASAP
    Underlined text is not a link. Oops.
  • The tables that the results are displayed in caused horizontal scrolling in Netscape 6, even with the window enlarged above 1024 by 768. It appears that the heading which should be sitting above the table is sitting beside it and causing everything to shuffle along.

Cynthia Says ™ looks to be addressing things in the right way by cutting through the swathes of reports that you would normally get with Bobby. I will watch this one with interest.

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Posted by Ian on Thursday, March 20, 2003

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