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Two very useful articles to bookmark for anyone working in a corporate environment where selling the concept of designing to agreed web standards can sometimes be difficult ("What? You mean it will look dull in Netscape 4?!").

  1. First up is an interview with ESPN’s Mike Davidson about their decision to redesign to web standards (caveat - their site does not validate completely, but it’s a very big step in the right direction). This is only part one of Eric Myer’s interview with Davidson, so add this to your favourites and come back to it later to read part 2.
  2. Another standards evangelist, Tristan Nitot, (who is also responsible for the recent launch of OpenWeb, a French language site covering web standards - more on Web Standards Project) brings us ‘The Business Benefits of Web Standards‘. This is an excellent article that lays out the reasons why web standards are a good thing (including the notion of accessibility)

If you find yourself consistently having to argue the case for dropping support for browsers that do not support web standards and instead moving forwards with standards-compliant solutions, these two articles alone will be useful additions to your arsenal. It would be very difficult to ignore the messages contained in this articles.

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Posted by Ian on Monday, March 31, 2003

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