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Tweak your Dreamweaver 4 for Better Accessibility

New dreamweaver modifications
New in the Tools and Wizards
section - some modified objects to place in your Dreamweaver 4 Configuration folder. There are some new buttons for your palettes and some other re-worked dialogues (such as table, which now includes a table summary and caption input). More Dreamweaver modifications will be added as and when you request them …

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New tool available for trial download

Sorry, this one’s for PC users only …

Accessibility ToolboxNew on this site - the beginnings of a Visual Basic application that re-creates some of our free online tools. And guess what - it’s free too! Only two sections of the tool are working now, and this is posted here for people to try out and give feedback at an early stage of development.

For information, the tool has already developed since this version was compiled - when the code is generated, the tool will include a ‘copy to clipboard’ button.

Your comments will be appreciated, particularly on the matter or installation - did it run smoothly if you downloaded the setup file? Or did you just download the exe, and was this successful?

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Apache Accessibility Module

Nick Kew of “webthing” has released a beta of a new accessibility tool for server administrators. The mod_accessibility module is designed to offer a range of accessibilty features to the Apache 2.0 web server.

Although it will never provide a subsitute for thorough user checks and validation, the add-on has some nifty tricks up its sleeve. Most notable are the abilities to generate on-the-fly link summaries of web content and text-only versions. On the downside, implementation requires both access to, and knowledge of the Apache web server configuration. Still, if you are able to, it is worth a try.

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New WebAIM Training Event

Training Event Dates:

March 31-April 18, 2003 (3 weeks)

WebAIM are at it again. They are running their Accessibility Training Course, the only difference is that this year you have to pay!

So what’s it all about?

Each week features:

  • An audio introduction to the week’s content
  • Recommendations about how to proceed through the content
  • Live captioned webcast
  • Discussion board

Read about the topics for each of the tracks on each of the weeks:

  • Track 1: Developing accessible content
  • Track 2: Coordinating Web accessibility efforts
  • Track 3: Teaching others about Web accessibility

If you do enrol in the course then let us know what you thought about it.

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