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Designing without Tables Using CSS - Book CoverWhile this site is not actually a technical site covering coding issues, occassionally we cover the topic in passing, because as people who want to support web accessibility (that’s you … that’s why you’re reading this, right?) you may be interested to learn about some new CSS technique. Well, Sitepoint have a new book on the topic coming out that may be worth a look, as it’s focused on using CSS for page layout instead of tables. I mean, what else could a book entitled Designing Without Tables Using CSS mean? Designing sites without tables is definitely an accessibility aim, as it allows your web pages to be viewed on a far wider range of devices and allows for greater customisation. But you knew that already. Sitepoint are offering the first four chapters for free download, so go check it out.

And more free chapters to digest …

Designing With Web StandardsJeffrey Zeldman’s new book is gonna be corker, too. Anyone who visits his site should know that it’s coming out soon - very soon, actually, so it seemed like an appropriate time to mention it on this site. The book is entitled Designing with Web Standards and publishers New Riders are also offering sample chapters for free download. A bigger supporter of web standards you will not find have difficulty finding, and I look forward to finding out what this bullet point on New Riders’ site translates to in print: ‘Stay on the right side of accessibility laws and guidelines’. Knowing Jeffrey’s approach, I think we can expect a realistic, practical and achievable guide. Amazon is taking pre-orders now, so you know what to do.

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, May 14, 2003

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