Do you like comments?

A simple question really - this news page used to include comments, but they were provided by a third-party system that often slowed down the page load, but we keep thinking about re-introducing comments.

Naturally, it would be great if you could say "Yes, I’d love to be able to pass comment" … but for you to be able to do that we’d need some kind of commenting system here. Ah, the irony. So, if you find yourself wanting to have your say on these posts, drop us a line using the contact us page for the time being. We can add your comments to post manually for the time being.

Any recommendations about how we might introduce comments are also welcome. Note that the site is built using ASP and the news is powered by Blogger Pro. We do not want to rely on an Access database for these comments (if that fails, the whole news page fails), so if there is a third party system that seems pretty fool-proof and puts the comments directly on the page (rather than in a pop-up window), then we’d love to know.

Failing that, we’ll just have to wait for the full launch of TypePad.

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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