In case you missed it, Jeffrey Zeldman has been doing the (virtual) rounds recently, so I thought I should perhaps do a bit of catch-up and list the various interviews:

And I think that just about covers it. Something to do with a book that he’s got out at the moment, apparantly.

Ian spoke … but ran out of time

For anyone who attended the UKUPA meeting last night (topic: Web Accessibility), you will know that I came on late and, as such, didn’t get time to finish my presentation. The point at which I finished was a little premature, as I didn’t even get to present the summary slides. What you missed:

  • Key learning points from the redesign of Nationwide ‘brochureware
  • Why we failed the RNIB See-It-Right accrediation
  • Practical demonstrations of testing tools (other then Watchfire/Bobby)
  • Examples of good-looking and accessible sites
  • Some CSS-based sites that will knock your socks off
  • And finally … a couple of howlers I found on usability sites that really should know better

I’ve posted the powerpoint slides on this site, but obviously you don’t get the talk that goes with it, so if you have any questions about the slides, just drop me a line (ian DOT lloyd AT nationwide DOT co DOT uk).

Hopefully the fact that we were cut a little short didn’t spoil the presentation as a whole. And hopefully you weren’t too disappointed to discover that I am not bearded, over 50 with thinning hair and into Linux programming.

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, June 18, 2003

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