Petitioning the Makers of JAWS

Dreamlettes is drawing together a petition as follows:

"Starting at $ 895, JAWS is too expensive a testing tool for us, freelance web designers, who wish to test our designs, as the intended audience would experience it. We have to rely on making our websites conforming to the existing Section508/WCAG Guidelines and assuming that the audience will have a usable experience on the site designed. Since the free download for JAWS is time limited, it is of no use to the designer after expiration date.

We, the undersigned, request that the developers of JAWS® for Windows please provide us a free/cost effective, stripped down testing alternative. This will lead to more websites being tested to suit your software, resulting in an increased audience and hence increased requirement for JAWS."

If you agree with the sentiment, go on and add your name to the list, or perhaps you think that this is a new form of discrimination? If so, have your say in the forum

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Posted by Ian on Friday, August 22, 2003

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