New List-Making Tool
for Your Pleasure

Well, in all the excitement of sending the URL to other people for initial feedback, and the feedback and links back being nothing short of brilliant, I almost forgot to mention on this page a new tool that I put live:

List-O-Matic - A tool for generating list-based navigation styled with CSS

That pretty much sums up what the tool does, but feel free to play around with it for yourself. The styles there at the moment are based entirely on Listamatic’s interpretations/re-workings of existing sites, but it would be easy to add in new styles. If you want to suggest a CSS file, drop us a line using the contact us page and we’ll check it out. If it’s good, it’ll be added to the tool with a credit/link back to yourself.

Update: Expect a Dreamweaver Extension that does something VERY similar in the next couple of days … watch this space for a link

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Posted by Ian on Monday, September 22, 2003

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