The List-o-Saga

First there was the unordered list. And it was good. But soon people got bored
of it. "I know," said one enlightened follower of CSS, "Let’s
sex it up a bit
". And lo, soon there were many lists and very sexy they
were too, but they were much dispersed and needed to find their own place where
they could all be happy little CSS lists together. Along came Listamatic and
everyone was happy
. For a while.

But soon it came to pass that the Listamatic was not-a-matic,
and so List-O-Matic was created. It was Automatic.
For the People.

Then, just because he could, JZ threw down a gauntlet: "Let he who is
without sloppy code craft the first Dreamweaver extension." A one-time
tarot card reader from the East
stepped into the fray and picked up the gauntlet
and asked one of his servants to do his bidding. It was good and the people celebrated
the third coming of of the tool now known as List-o-rama.

List-o-rama screenshot

The end? I’m waiting for the List-O-Ramifier-Omatic to come
along :D

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, September 24, 2003

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