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accessible beauties …

As a follow-on from the piece about attractive and accessible sites, I decided to start a running list here of any new submissions. No screen shots, no fancy write-ups, and it’s really only here on the front page for update-anywhere convenience (thank you Blogger). So, the additional list begins [newest first]:

I will add to this list as I get more submissions - please bookmark the link for this post and visit later.

Note: please don’t bother submitting anything unless you have validated your markup (HTML or XHTML) and CSS and have made the necessary accessibility checks. Also note that a table-free layout alone or valid XHTML does not automatically make your site accessible.

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Visionary Design Awards - Your Nominations Wanted

The UK’s National Library for the Blind (NLB) will be staging the 2nd
Visionary Design Awards ceremony in London on 2nd December 2003. The Awards
celebrate best practice in accessible web design for visually impaired

NLB is calling for nominations of websites which demonstrate best practice
for an Award. Anyone can nominate a website, including the owner and designer
of the site as well as site users. You can nominate as many sites as you
want, provided the content of the site is written for a UK-based audience.

Prizes will be awarded to the website owners in the following categories:

  • News/Information: i.e. media outlets or information services like train
    timetables etc.
  • Youth: Websites designed for children or teenagers
  • Government: national, devolved or local government
  • Voluntary Sector: not for profit organisations
  • Commercial Sector: Any commercial business offering services over a

The achievement of the designers of each site will also be recognised.

Details of last year’s winners are on-line at

Please include in your nomination the name of the organisation or a contact
name, the website address and any comments you have about the site to
support the nomination.

All nominations must be received by 4pm on Friday 10 October 2003.
Nominations can be sent by email to,
by phoning +44 161 355 2000 or by writing (print, Braille or audio) to NLB,
Far Cromwell Road, Bredbury, Stockport, SK6 2SG United Kingdom.

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RNIB Accessibility Resources

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) in the UK has launched a set of new accessibility information pages on its site today….

Full Story: RNIB Accessibility Resources

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