Ouch! That’s One In Yer Eye for RNIB

The RNIB has often come in for criticism in the past for ‘hijacking’ web accessibility (sometimes a little unfairly, I would say). And if it’s not that it’s something else - like this animated icon, for example:

RNIB animated icon.

On the BCAB list Leon Gilbert writes: “The average frame duration is just 2 tenths of a second, and you get about 3 seconds to read the whole thing. Which is surely likely to cause eye strain (ironic). & The whole animation is just 120 x 60 pixels in size & is set to loop just 3 times.”

But Damon Rose (a writer on the BBC website’s Ouch microsite) goes even further:

Does anyone ever go to the RNIB website anyway?

Isn’t it really more aimed at sighted people who need reassurance and/or advice about elderly relatives? Or, more importantly, it’s about fundraising!

I put it to you, fellow debaters, that the RNIB website, with its distancing weird language and its begging cup out, is not really there for its ‘members’ or users.

I would like to see a really good lifestyle hub for blind people that doesn’t give me details about how bad my glaucoma might get … But might tell me the latest talking books being recorded are so I can look forward to it.

Come on RNIB, make this website blind friendly in content as well as in design innit!

Is the RNIB so bad? And if it is, what other content-rich sites that are aimed at the blind do you recommend?

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Posted by Ian on Friday, October 10, 2003

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