Holding Out The Begging Bowl

Since I started Accessify I have never asked for anything in return for any of the articles,
tools or anything else. I’ve simply
enjoyed positive feedback and the feeling that I’ve been able to help in some
way (as have others who also contribute to this site now). However …

As some of you may know, I am taking a break soon - from the web (partially),
from the UK (totally), from my job (which I have quit) - and am going to be
going travelling around the world for a year. Accessify will carry on, though,
and I have a babysitter all lined up
for my absence
. But to take this break I have not only quit the job, I’ve
also remortgaged the house to finance the trip. It’s all a little bit scary.

On this site, I’ve always proudly claimed that Accessify is a not-for-profit
site, but I get many emails from people telling me how much time and effort
I’ve saved them for one thing or another (mainly the tools
and wizards
on this site), and as I sit here contemplating a year without
income, I wonder about how much I’ve helped others to profit from my sharing.
With this in mind, I’ve decided that I should see how useful this site really
is to you, the visitors.

If you use, or have used, any of the tools on this site and feel that I have
saved you development time or cut down your learning curve, I’d really appreciate
a donation (using Paypal). It’s voluntary, of course. I don’t know what the
response will be, but if you value the site, you may be able to help me stay
at a reasonable hostel (not hotel, hostel) rather than a crappy one every now
and then - it’s as simple as that!

I will be putting a donation button on all of the tools in the tools and wizards
section, and there will be permanent link on the home page somewhere to make
a donation. It’s not something that I’ve ever done before, and it’s not something
that I would intend to keep once I am back in the UK and once more in gainful
employment, but if this site is really useful for people in the interim it seems
silly not to at least try to get something back from it.

Trust me, it’s not in my nature to do this normally and I hope that visitors,
regular or otherwise, don’t think I’m trying to force people to pay for anything.
It is totally voluntary.

Please note: This is entirely separate from the donation facility on AccessifyForum. Donations made on the forum go directly to Nigel for running/admin costs of the forum.

Thank you, all.

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Posted by Ian on Sunday, October 26, 2003

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