Bob Talks Up Macromedia’s Commitment to Accessibility

So writes Usability News editor Ann Light in her write-up of Bob Regan’s keynote talk at HCI2003.

With 8 slides, he talked engagingly for an hour about the challenges of introducing accessibility to a product line that has become associated in the informed public�s mind with inaccessibility and lack of usability. But the world has moved on, and Flash with it, and it is a testimony to Macromedia�s commitment to addressing these shortfalls that someone of Regan�s vision and enthusiasm is working with designers, developers and engineers to communicate accessibility strategies and develop new ones.

Admittedly, this is not a recent event as HCI 2003 took place in September - hello, Ann? What kept you ;-) - but there are some encouraging words contained in Ann’s write-up that show that Macromedia are apparantly very committed to accessibility (”accessibility problems are treated like other bug reports and given to the engineers to be fixed”).

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Posted by Ian on Tuesday, November 25, 2003

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