Back in the Land of the Living

Phew! That was a strange 24 hours. Accessify disappeared off everyone’s radars as the domain name expired. I had not received notification that it was due to (truth is, I thought I’d registered it for two years anyway!). This picture tells the story quite succinctly:

Site statistics show a drop from several thousand unique visitors to just 1

Regardless, the site’s back up now (no-one stole the domain name while I wasn’t looking!), so perhaps I should point out some subtle changes to the site that I made just prior to losing the whole shooting match:

  • I’ve decided to try hosting Google Adwords on the site, and I hope that they don’t get in the way. I’ve avoided putting them on the home page for the time being - let’s see how they do residing on the articles, tutorials and reviews pages (and other miscellaneous pages) for now. [As some of you will have read, I'm off on a sabattical very soon, and need to make the site pay for itself and, if possible, give me some kind of return for the tools I've made available for free so far].
  • I’ve also included a space for sponsored links at the foot of each page. This, too, is not present on the home page at present, but will be added shortly (just a trifling admin issue). The mechanics of how this will work are yet to be defined, but if you are interested in sponsoring a page, please drop me a line. In my 12-month absence, Nigel Peck will be managing this on my behalf.
  • As a result of these changes, and as a general tidy-up, I’ve also made some subtle changes to style sheets. If you see any weirdness going on, just Shift+Refresh (or whatever your browser’s equivalent of force reloading is) - it’ll probably be a caching issue. If that still doesn’t solve it, please report a bug and I’ll investigate.

Thanks to Nick Finck, Nigel Peck and Dave Shea who helped me to stop hyperventilating/panicking when the site went down. Whatever I know about web design/markup/accessibility, it certainly doesn’t help in any way when it comes to understanding domain name registration. Doofus? You betcha ;-)

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Comments Off Posted by Ian on Monday, November 3, 2003
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