Visionary Design Award - And the Winners Are…

visionary-design.org logoLast night I attended the National Library for the Blind’s Visionary Design Awards. Unfortunately, I’m strapped for time right now and can’t give this event the full write-up that it deserves, but suffice to say that it was very well attended, the food was great, the conversation also great, and the wine wasn’t bad either. It was good to meet up with some people who I already knew quite/very well from email or forum conversations in the past (and I was able to put a face to names like Nigel Peck - whose face was about a foot higher than mine, very tall man - Matthew Ogston and Guy Carberry to name but a few). The strangest thing, though, was when people whose names were either not known to me, or only vaguely familiar, would come up to me and start a conversation with phrases like "So, how are your teeth now then?" or "You still here then, I thought you were heading off on your travels?". That’s what happens when you jabber on on your personal blog to all and sundry, eh?

Anyway, enough of all of that, what about the winners? Here is the complete list of shortlisted nominations and the winners (or at least, what I remember as being the winners - if I’ve got it wrong on any of the categories, let me know, as I wasn’t taking notes!)

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Update: BBC article covers the awards

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, December 3, 2003

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