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The Mark of Accessibility at IBM

For those who haven’t yet heard, there’s some great news for anyone with a need for accessibility-friendly software - Mark Pilgrim has joined IBM as an ‘Accessibility Architect in the Emerging Technologies group’. Mark says that his role is not only web-related, but even so, it has to be a good thing to have someone as switched on about the topic in a role that has the word Accessibility in the job title (rather than the usual scenario where someone with an interest in the topic has to try to influence without having the necessary clout to back it up).

Congratulations Mark.

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Off Topic: Lost in Translation

No, this has nothing to do with the film but more to do with a recent piece I wrote for A List Apart about Error 404 pages which has been translated into Italian. What has this got to do with Accessibility? Not much, really, but I thought it might be useful to somebody out there and without a link it could just be lost in the mists. Buonjiorno tutti!

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JavaScript and Accessibilty? An Oxymoron, Surely?

Perhaps not, as Jim Byrne mulls in his article/weekly tip entitled ‘Use Javascript to add default text to input fields‘.

For as long as I can remember I’ve puzzled over whether or not to put in default characters in edit boxes and text areas in my web forms. On the one hand if I don’t my page will not will not pass Guideline 10.4, and will have no chance of WAI AAA compliance. Guideline 10.4 exists to ensure visitors using some older screen readers (which don’t recognize empty form fields) - can fill in web forms.

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Party Time Serious Networking Opportunity in SXSW

While I might be in Australia right now, I won’t be next week - I’m making a tortuous journey (three flights from Sydney to San Fran to Denver then Austin) just to be at the conference, and on Saturday night I’ll be at the CSS-Discuss/Web Design-L and WaSP gathering (venue yet to be decided, but close to the conference centre). If you are going to attend, I look forward to seeing you there through my beer goggles and jet lag.

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Get Involved With Web Standards

The fact that you are reading this page suggests that you do, to some extent, support the notion of developing to recognised web standards, or you know other people who do. But how can you do your bit to support it more actively?

While undertaking a round-the-world trip, I’ve been trying to call in on people who are of a similar mindset and the other day I ‘did lunch’ with a bunch of people involved with (as in running) the Web Standards Group down in Sydney, Australia. However, the group is not just about Aussie web developers - you can join in the group too.

In case you might be thinking “Hang on, that’s WaSP by another name, isn’t it?”, that’s not quite the case. As Russ Weakley put it: “We see it like this: you have the W3C setting the standards/recommendations, WaSP doing the political/pressure group thing and the WSG letting the developers get together - albeit virtually - to discuss how they do it.” They also have get-togethers in Sydney, where the founder members are based, every six weeks, so if you are in the area why not join in meet some other like-minded developers? And if you’re not in the area, why not join up anyway and contribute by email?

Update: I received this note from a member shortly after posting:

Regarding your post about the Web Standards Group, there is actually also a Melbourne group which is having its first meeting on Monday March 8. Co-chairs Russ and Peter are flying down for it and John Alssop is speaking.
Details of the first meeting can be found here

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RNIB(UK) Campaign for Good Web Design

A presentation on Web Accessibility is now available from the RNIB:

On 4 March 2004, Julie Howell, Digital Policy Development Officer at RNIB gave an online presentation about RNIB’s Campaign for Good Web Design on behalf of EASI, a provider of online training on accessible AT in the USA.

The presentation is available online at

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