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The Guild Arrives

GAWDS (The Guild of Accessible Web Designers) is now officialy released.

Created by Jim Byrne and in an ongoing development process by many devoted members. The press release states its purpose:

One of GAWDS immediate goals is to address and debunk myths that lead some Web designers to shrug off standards. Guild members websites will demonstrate the inherent good sense of Web standards and give encouragement and support to designers who adopt standards in their work. There are also longer-term plans to offer accreditation programs that give members a competitive edge through association with and profiling on the GAWDS site.

Read the full GAWDS press release

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Toolman vs. Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen angry at Toolman appearing on Time magazine

Tommy (Toolman) has been heralded as the “New Face of Accessibility”. A massive PR campaign must ensue so that we can get him to his rightful position in the world. Contribute artwork….

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