Plans for Accessify

As regular visitors to this site will have noticed, there has been less activity from me
of late. Long-term visitors will probably know that there is a reason for this,
namely the fact that I’ve been on my travels. I’ve not forgotten about the site
- it’s just been difficult to be hands-on. However, I’ve doing things behind
the scenes that I wanted to mention.

The site has always been built using Active Server Pages (ASP), a handy little
language (in that I know how to script with it!) that has become a major problem
for me now that I am a Mac user. With no easy (or fast) access to a development
environment, updating articles, tools or anything else - while travelling -
is a non-starter. I have, therefore, begun work on converting the site from
ASP to PHP and with that will come a complete visual re-working, a change in
the site structure and more. In short, it’s gonna be built from the ground up
all over again so that I can get some control back of the site.

Tools & Wizards

Trashing everything and rebuilding again will take me some time, and I have
no deadline. However, the one section that is likely to slow down the delivery
of the new site is the Tools and Wizards section. Repurposing content is one
thing, but the tools are primarily built using ASP and may take many hours of
head-scratching for me. So, this is where the public appeal comes in …

If you are a PHP programmer and would be able to help in any way with the conversion
of the tools, please drop me a line using
the contact-us page
. I can’t offer you anything in return for helping, other
than a link back to say thanks. If those terms are good for you, though, I’d
be happy to send you the ASP source code to see what you can do with it. I’m
not trying to shirk responsibilities, just accepting that I am a relative PHP
novice and am trying to save some time.

New Articles/Features

I’m keen to hear from anyone who has an article they’d like to publish on Accessify.
This does not necessarily have to wait until this site is redesigned. Although
it’s not easy for me to get articles published, it’s not impossible
- it may just take me a couple of weeks!

  • Do you have some news you want announced on Accessify?
  • Have an article you’d like to publish?
  • Perhaps you have ideas about what Accessify should be, what it can do for

Whatever your thoughts or ideas, please feel free to let meknow - just use
the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Posted by Ian on Tuesday, June 8, 2004

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