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Touting itself as a search engine designed to be fully accessible to all users, YouSearched does indeed seem to practice what it preaches. Emphasizing the importance of universal access, YouSearched maintains they’ve created a truly accessible search experience — succeeding, they claim, where competing search engines have long failed. From the press release announcing their launch:

[I]ndividuals using the Internet who are disabled, who are blind, who have difficulties distinguishing colours, have low vision, suffer tremors, or varying degrees of paralysis, and others living with disabilities, are as important as any other user, says YouSearched.Com founder Khalid Karrar. Without meaning to, all other search engines present roadblocks for people with disabilities.

Sounds promising, to say the least. Feel free to browse through their accessibility statement, and provide feedback on how well they measure up to it.

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Posted by Accessify on Wednesday, June 9, 2004

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