Microsoft’s accessible technology market research

In early 2003, Microsoft Corporation commissioned Forrester Research, Inc., to conduct a comprehensive, two-part study (Phase I: The Market for Accessible Technology, and Phase II: Accessible Technology in Computing) to measure the current and potential market of accessible technology in the United States and understand how accessible technology is being used today.

The two documents are available, both in HTML and Word format, from Microsoft’s Accessibility section:

The key findings seem far from startling, but nonetheless an interesting read. For instance:

  • Users seek solutions to make their computers easier to use, not for solutions based on their health or disability.
  • Making accessibility options easier to discover and use will result in computers that are easier, more convenient, and more comfortable for computer users.

Thanks to Austin Govella for the heads-up.

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Posted by Patrick H. Lauke on Friday, October 1, 2004

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