Compliance Confusion in the Garden

Yesterday I was reading through The Zen of CSS Design, and came across a few paragraphs that covered the thorny topic of accessibility conformance, namely that when the site was first built it validated in Bobby as AAA compliant, but in reality - for a number of reasons - it couldn’t truly claim that level. However, Dave Shea openly admitted in the book that changing any of the underlying structure of the CSS Zen Garden was out of the question because of the numerous sites that were built on those XHTML foundations.

The story has become an issue in recent days, prompted by the Italian web developer community who have been questioning those AAA claims, and Dave has responded here. However, what’s more interesting, for my money, is the discussion that’s followed Dave’s posting - what should he do with the Zen Garden to ensure that the accessibility claims are fair and honest?

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Posted by Ian on Thursday, March 24, 2005

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