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For anyone unfortunate enough to have spent more than a couple of minutes with me at @Media 2005 harping on about the current difficulties I find myself with, apologies. For everyone else, a little update.

Since taking a year off, I have not been able to fully settle back in UK. The reason can largely be put down to noisy next-door neighbours. Their loud music saw us ‘fleeing the scene’ back in January. I’d only just got a telephone line installed and broadband set up and found myself making every excuse to get out of the house. This was at Manda’s house (my other, and some would say better, half). My plans for’s redesign were once again put on hold. We then spent some time house-sitting, and then moved back to my house while we set about putting both my house and hers on the market. I’ve been at mine for a couple of months with no telephone line and the impending moving-out date hanging over me. Neither of us want to go back to hers, one because of the noise and two, because if we do, we will not be able to claim ignorance with any potential buyer ("Oh, we’ve been house-sitting elsewhere for a couple of months, don’t really know who the neighbours are.")

So, that was a long-winded way of apologising for my personal inactivity since coming back to UK. No-one can really understand how stressful it can be living next door to people like this, and it has totally affected everything that I normally do on the web. To that end, I floated an idea with Patrick Lauke at @Media last week. I did not want to hold the re-launch/re-build of Accessify any further - something that is at least 90% done (rebuilt in PHP/MySQL, all new style sheets, some new features/functionality) - and asked if he could make it happen. Hosting is already covered, the work is mostly done; the only thing that has been holding up a relaunch is me and my general unconnectedness. So, thanks to Patrick for taking this on - he’s got the source files, the drive (and by that I mean impetus, not a hard drive!) and the required presence near a net connection to do necessary uploads and fix things as they occur. I’m a hurdle that needs removing, albeit temporarily, and Patrick should see this through to its conclusion.

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Posted by Ian on Monday, June 13, 2005

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