Profitable Accessibility

Here’s one for your boss. Next time he/she moans that accessibility is weight around the neck and is not doing anything positive for the business, be prepared with a good answer. Not sure how you might do that? Perhaps you could attend the BSi conference Defining and Developing a Profitable Web Accessibility Strategy and get some ideas? Julie Howell (of RNIB) will be speaking there, as will representatives of AbilityNet (Robin Christopherson was very entertaining at @Media 2004, by the way).

<rant>A note about the BSi web site - when promoting a conference about web accessibility, it would pay dividends to include the seminar details on your site in good old-fashioned HTML and not to force users to download a PDF. By all means, include a link to a PDF as an option (in case you want it to be printed exactly as-is) but be aware of the audience and provide an HTML version at least.</rant>

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Posted by Ian on Thursday, June 30, 2005

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