Mobile Speak Pocket - PDA screenreader

Mobile Speak Pocket is a screen reader that provides you with access to all the functionality of the device, allowing you to discover the exciting world of Windows-based PDA’s and Smartphones. Thus Mobile Speak Pocket users can now enjoy the complete access to windows mobile mainstream devices like a sighted person at mainstream prices.

Mobile Speak Pocket is compatible with a variety of Pocket PCs and Smartphones. As Windows Mobile technology advances, the device can easily be upgraded.

Mobile Speak Pocket works with a variety of keyboards, braille devices available on the market. The user has the complete flexibility to chose a PDA or a Smartphone and add Mobile Speak Pocket to it. Users can chose between a large variety of languages and voices. We give our customers the choice of different high quality speech synthesizers for each language. Different voices or languages can be combined.

Looks interesting, though I haven’t got a device to test it on. See the Mobile Speak Pocket product page, as well as the other products from spanish developers Code Factory, and let us know if they’re any good.

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Posted by Patrick H. Lauke on Friday, August 19, 2005

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