All new Accessify

If you can see this message it means that the DNS change-over has done its thing and you’re looking at the all new build of Accessify. Everything you need to know about the re-working can be found here - What’s New with Accessify.

Please, please do let me know any issues you encounter with the new site - using the bug reporting form rather than email.

Finally, now that the site is in a fit enough for me to be able to update it easily (the problems with the previous site are in the what’s new page), I’m keen to get new articles and tutorials up here regularly, so if you have something that you think would be useful, please do get in touch.

Known Issues

Here are the issues I’ve spotted (or have been told about) that I will be looking into as soon as I can:

  • Links shifting left in Firefox: I can’t reproduce it, nor can I see why it’s happening, but this has been reported in Firefox 1.06 on the Mac. Here’s what it looks like. I could do with some help on this one, as I can’t fix it if I can’t reproduce it - and I am using Firefox on the Mac (Tiger), just the same as the person who reported the fault :-(
  • Error page not behaving: My .htaccess file is misbehaving on the live server (but fine on dev). So, the 404 page is not being served up correctly, nor are the mod_rewrite statements working properly. If anyone can explain why it’s fine on one server but not on another, please do make a suggestion
  • Features pages - indexes broken: I have spotted that if you try to view features of one specific type (e.g. tutorials only, it does not display a list. I’ll be fixing this as soon as I can (seems to be fine on development area, but not on live, so it’s probably soething simple like a case sensitivity issue on the server that I need to put right.
  • Cache problem: If you are still getting that annoying splash page (a simple list of links that was only ever there for PDAs really but I couldn’t get rid of because of various tedious reasons), please try either force-refreshing or try clearing your cache. Thanks!
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Posted by Ian on Friday, October 28, 2005


  1. So says Anonymous

    re: link shift…
    looks like the anchor tags are being rendered in a slightly larger font-size… could be a browser setting?

    Added November 1, 2005 at 12:55 am

  2. So says Richard Rutter

    FWIW I’m using Firefox 1.07 on Panther and there’s no problem. I too suspect that browser settings or some other font-related calculation is going dolally.

    Added November 1, 2005 at 8:39 am

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