Blogger Problem - Can You Help?

Since changing over this site from an ASP-driven one to PHP, I’ve had a small
problem with the way Blogger generates ‘post pages’ (that is, single pages
related to an individual post). All of the new posts on the site (since the
page template was changed) are being correctly
generated with an extension of .php
, but older
posts are being generated with .asp extensions
. There is no setting/field
in Blogger that lets you set the file extension - it seems to derive it from
whatever you specify for the main blog index page’s URL.

So, can
anyone tell me
how I get Blogger to re-publish these older posts with
the correct extensions? The .asp pages are working, but only because I’ve forced
the server to treat them as valid PHP files (not exactly ideal!)

Update: It turns out that I had to edit all the existing post (even by adding a space or carriage return) and republish them for Blogger to apply the correct extension (thanks Patrick!). Hardly ideal when you’re dealing with hundreds of posts, but at least that one’s solved!

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Posted by Ian on Monday, October 31, 2005

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