Wanted - Your Accessibility Links

Because of the length of time that this site has languished, waiting for a rebuild, there have been a lot of requests for links to be added that simply haven’t happened - because I’ve been unable to thanks to the inflexibility of the previous system. So, this is a call to everyone who has an accessibility resource they’d like to see added on these pages:

  1. Visit the Links and resources page and choose the most appropriate category
  2. Head to the foot of the page you pick and add your link details.

Note: your link will not be added immediately (and if it’s not related to the topic at hand, it probably won’t be added at all). Also note: the links and resources page uses a redirect, so please don’t link for the sole purpose of getting some extra Google Juice - it won’t benefit you. Instead, think of what benefit it can offer others.

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Posted by Ian on Tuesday, November 1, 2005

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