Web Accessibility Toolbar for IE - Update

This is a bit of a lazy post (it’s late, need sleep!), so I’m just passing
on info sent to me by Steve Faulkner over at the Vision Australia.
More on this as I get a chance to try it out for myself …

The Web Accessibility Toolbar EN 1.2 is now
available. There are a heap of new and updated features including:

  • Integrated colour contrast analyser application.
  • New source menu with some old favourites and new functionality:
    including source highlighters and 3rd party DOM inspectors.
  • Bug fixes galore
  • New functions such as, show blockquote and Q, Show internal links,
    Titles, Show Table headers and Navigation via link element.
  • A new IE options dialog interface for screen reader and keyboard only users.
  • Popup blocker detection for functions that open in new windows.
  • Enable/disable hot keys for users who encounter key combination

You can download
the toolbar for IE/Windows here

Must sleep.

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, November 2, 2005

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