WaSP Accessibility Task Force manifesto

The Web Standards Project Accessibility Task Force has finally released its ambitious manifesto:

  • We will work ceaselessly to demonstrate that accessibility and well-formed markup can go hand-in-hand with effective interactivity, branding and aesthetics.
  • We will demand more from our tools. All of them. We will push for browsers, media players and assistive technology to support UAAG, and for WYSIWYG code editors, CMSes, blogging tools, converters and media tools to support ATAG.
  • We will impartially attempt to engage all vendors in constructive dialogue to help them support web standards and thereby enhance accessibility.
  • We will strive to educate corporations and their web developers, so that they can make informed decisions without falling prey to “Accessibility Snake Oil Salesman”.
  • We will work closely with other WaSP Task Forces and relevant Working Groups such as the WCAG WG to develop reliable patterns and methodologies for developing standards-compliant, interactive and accessible web sites that work consistently for users with disabilities.
  • Finally, when a vendor is unwilling to engage and willfully continues to pursue discriminatory practices, we will use the resources we have available to force the issue.

Don’t forget that the Web Standards Project is first and foremost a grassroots coalition. We’re part of the global community of web designers and developers, and we appreciate and value the community’s input and support. So get in touch if you have any issues, ideas or suggestions!

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Posted by Patrick H. Lauke on Saturday, April 22, 2006

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