Web Accessibility Tools Consortium colour contrast analyser 1.1

The Web Accessibility Tools Consortium and Vision Australia are proud to announce the colour contrast analyser version 1.1.

Packed with new features:

  • Choice of test algorithms (luminosity and colour/brightness)
  • Input hex or RGB values
  • RGB sliders to tweak colours on the fly and get results instantly
  • Simulation functions that allow application of colour blindness and other simulations to screen captures, existing images, and real time simulations via a draggable “simulation window”
  • Button copy results to clipboard for insertion in documents

A huge thanks to Jun for all his work on this project and thanks to Gez Lemon, Sofia Celic and Andrew Arch and pixeldiva for their feedback during development. And a minor pat on the back to my humble self [Ed.: Steve Faulkner from the National Information Library Service]

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Posted by Patrick H. Lauke on Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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