WCAG 2.0 at @media

Just a quick heads-up - as readers of this site may be (or, more hopefully, are) aware, Patrick, myself, Gez Lemon and Andy Clarke are hosting a panel on WCAG 2.0:

In this panel, we’ll try and get to grips with the philosophy, the content, the good, the bad, and the controversies of the second edition of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and look at how they impact on areas such as design, or the use of widgets.

Well, that’s what the blurb says, and we’ve certainly got our ideas about what to cover but we’re interested to get some feedback in advance - or rather some questions in advance - that you might like to hear us cover on the day itself. If you have a comment, be that a simple question, something that you’d like clarifying or a rant about your personal pet hate with WCAG 2.0, please add it here and we’ll do our best to incorporate it on the day. Over to you …

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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