IE7 Monkeying With This Site?

I received some feedback to say that Accessify is “horribly broken” in IE7 but, alas, I have no way of checking this for myself or fixing because:

  1. I am a Mac owner/user and have hardly any space left on my hard drive to install something like Virtual PC (which could help me to resolve the problems)
  2. I am unable to install IE7 on my work PC because of various corporate security issues (regarding what a user, such as me, can get access to using a browser that hasn’t been hobbled in many ways prior to company-wide rollout!)

So, I’m kinda stuck - and asking for your help. If you are accessing this in IE7 and everything looks right to you, please let me know (it could have been a stray bug on a certain page, but the words “horribly broken” don’t sound all that nice, do they?!). But if it looks wrong and you think you know why this is the case, please drop me a line (email to lloydi_admin at this domain) and attach any relevant screen shots that you think may help.

If you want to be really helpful, perhaps you could try some of the other page styles on offer to see how they fare in IE7?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can let me know where it’s going wrong here :-)

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Posted by Ian on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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