Web Accessibility - The New Testament?

One of the first books I read about accessibility was Constructing Accessible Web Sites, published by Glasshaus. It was a fantastic book at the time but then something bad happened - Glasshaus publishing went under, pulled down by its parent company. This was a bad thing because, at the time, Glasshaus was putting out some of the best tech books money could buy, with web standards and all that good stuff as part of the package. Fast forward a few years and the book has been revived by Friends Of Ed. It’s now called Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance. To my mind, it’s not the sexiest title, but I can completely understand why it’s called that (it’s going to appeal to a great many corporate types who’ve heard about PAS78, DDA and the like). The author list is largely unchanged, but new names added to the Roster include Richard Rutter, who has contributed a chapter on Accessible CSS, Christian Heilmann, who’s covered accessible JavaScript and Accessify’s very own Patrick H Lauke who provides a case study of a site make-over (converting a university site to an accessible, all-singing, all-dancing site).

I’ve merely scanned through the book, for now - it’s on a pile of 3 books to read and review - but first impressions are that this is a must-have for anyone serious about understanding web accessibility, even if you bought the previous version (this looks to be a fairly major re-write).

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Posted by Ian on Monday, August 21, 2006


  1. So says Stacie

    I’ve started to read the book and all I can say is wow, I am impressed. First off, it’s nice to find a book that’s so extensive in information AND up to date. Second, the authors bring accessibility full circle - from planning to developing, to testing. Looking forward to more reading!

    Added August 21, 2006 at 12:47 pm

  2. So says Andy Field

    Hats off to everyone involved as this is by far the best book I’ve read so far with regard to accessibility issues. Well laid out and concise I’d recommend this to anyone working in the field of web development.

    Added August 25, 2006 at 6:09 pm

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