What Constitutes ‘Reasonable Adjustment’?

A commentor on the previous post (regarding government web site accessibility) wanted to draw Accessify readers ‘ attention to another way of getting involved. His comment (word-for-word, emphasis on date added by me) was:

Campainers might also want to engage in such matters in a more direct way by participating in a public consultation which Becta have recently launched on guidance as to what constitutes a ‘reasonable adjustment’ in creating and using accessible software. While the brief is wider than Websites alone much educational content is delivered via the Browser and the principles of adjustment in the development and procurement process are common across communities. You can get involved up to the 12th of December at http://communities.becta.org.uk/digitalresources/reasonableadjustment/

That’s just over a week away - if you think you can help in any way, please take a look at the page on Becta’s site: Consultation: making software accessible.

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Posted by Ian on Monday, December 4, 2006

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