1-day Accessibility Workshop - Public Sector Event

I’m taking part in a 1-day workshop for the public sector here in the UK entitled How web accessibility works in the real world, along with fellow accessibility twonks Bruce Lawson, Patrick Lauke, Ann McMeekin and organiser Dan Champion. I was thinking about how to craft this post, but how can I possible do better than Bruce? The answer is that I can’t, so I’ll just refer you to this piece of marketing genius:

“It’s the kind of shindig I like; evangelising practical accessibility techniques. Also there will be the Web Standards tubgirl to my accessibility goatse, Patrick Lauke , my partner in DTI -bashing fun , Dan Champion , Pixeldiva of the Royal National Institute for the Blind, and the rakishly handsome and debonair Ian Lloyd of Nationwide.

Come along. It’ll be like having sex with all of us at once, in that it’ll be great fun, good for you, you’ll be the envy of your friends and it will last all day.”

Thanks Bruce. Having linked to those photos, I think I can safely say that we won’t get many sign-ups for the day now. Way to scare ‘em off with picture of ole rubber face lloydi!

Posted by Ian on Thursday, March 22, 2007


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    Thanks Bruce. Having linked to those photos

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