Competition time! Win a copy of my HTML beginners’ book [competition now closed]

Please note - this competition is now closed and I’ll be drawing the winners soon. It’s going to take a while to read through the entries - 250 in total, wow!

Unboxing delivery of my book (second edition! New cover! Updatier!)I’ve got some promotional copies of my beginners web development book (Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way with HTML & CSS) that I’m just itching to give away to people who can guarantee them some good homes. I understand that, for the most part, readers of this site already get standards and are probably beyond learning what I teach in this book, but the chances are that you know people who would benefit from learning from this book, people who have asked "How can I learn this web thing that you do?". Here’s a book that you can pass on to them, safe in the knowledge that they’ll learn good techniques to begin with. Andy Clarke did just that for his son, Kevin Yank did the same for his wife. You can find out what others had to say about the book here.

How can you win a copy?

Well, there are five copies to giveaway. All I need from you is an email with the most cheesy/over-the-top/unbelievable/inventive piece of creative sob-story writing that you can think of. Don’t let facts get in the way of a creative bit of prose, just lay it on thick! In fact, just go for the kind of thing that people do when begging for items on Freecycle. The sillier the better, I say

The closing date for this is Friday 23rd January (0900 GMT) - after this point the email address above will no longer be active. I’ll pick five winners soon after (as long as it takes me to read them all - 80 and counting so far!) and contact directly to arrange a shipping address. Good luck.

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Posted by Ian on Monday, January 19, 2009

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  1. So says Gen

    I would be so very grateful to have a reference book right at my fingertips that belonged to me, and not the local library, or my current place of business. One that I could bring home with me and not feel guilty about when I forgot to return it when it was due.

    Added January 20, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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