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What's an all star cheerleading super senior?

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  • All-star cheerleading flyer?

    So I am thinking about trying out for an all-star cheerleading team NEXT season (so in 2013). I was looking at the ages today, and i realized that if i was in the Junior team(next year i will be 14) i would be one of the oldest (because it is 14 and younger) . The problem is I'm a flyer and i would be to big to be help up by like 12 and 13 year olds? But i don't think i could be on a senior team (because thats 18 and under?)? HELP!!! I basically can only be a flyer unless i just get extremely strong...


    you have to look at the new USAASF guidelines because to be on a senior tem next season, i think you...

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