How to Use Favelets

Important: This page has been moved to the archive because it is deemed out-of-date and may not be appropriate for all users. Please bear this in mind before reading on.

The instructions are based on Windows/IE6 and do not take in to account any updates or increased security restrictions that were not in place at the time some of these favelets were created.

  1. Create a folder for your favelets to be stored in. How about one called 'favelets'? Place it somewhere easy to find - I suggest the Links bar in IE (or equivalent).
  2. Check that your links bar is showing first, though, by right clicking on your toolbar and checking it if there is no tick next to it:

    Is your links bar active?
  3. Next, go to Favourites, find Links, right click on it and choose open. Then create a new folder in the window that is opened.

    Right click on Links in your favourites

    Create a new folder in the Links folder
  4. In the favelets page, click on the favelet that you want to store and drag it onto the favelets folder

    Drag and drop link

  5. You will get a message that says the link may be unsafe - click OK to accept this

  6. Then, all you need to do is use your favelet. Go to the site that you want to check (making sure it's not a frameset - these tools do not work on framed pages), then select your favelet from the list

    Select the favelet from the list

  7. Depending on the favelet chosen, the information may appear in the same window or in a new window.

Other tips:

You can create favelets in other locations, using a similar method - for example, drag and drop the link to your desktop. Then you can run the favelet by dragging it from your desktop back on to a page.

Likewise, you can save these anywhere else on your favourites, but I just like the convenience of having the tool right there at the top.

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