Accessible Form Builder

This tool has been superceded by a newer and better one. No really, it's much nicer! By all means, you can use this old one, but we recommend you use the Quick Form Builder instead :)

Enter your form details

Separate items using [return]

If labels to appear above input

Need help completing this form?

  1. If you want the form to be bound by a fieldset, type a title for it in the Form Legend field.
  2. Please enter all the form fields you want in the order that you want them by typing in the input label. Separate items by using return/carriage return (but not required after the last item in the list)
  3. Specify how do you want the input labels to appear (to the left of each input, or above)? If you choose 'To the left', the form will created in a two-column table
  4. If you want labels to appear above each input, how many columns do you want the table to have?
  5. Include title attribute in each input (will be generated automatically from field label)