List-O-Matic is a tool that makes the process of creating list-based, CSS-styled navigation just that little bit easier. Try it out below or read the 'About' section at the end of the page if you want to know more.

Step 1 - Enter the navigation details

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Step 2 - Pick a style for your navigation
Step 3 - You're done!

Just copy the markup generated for you below. (Here's how the finished version should look)

This is an all new (hopefully much improved!) version of the list-o-matic tool that I created back in 2004. If you have a hankering for the original, it's archived here.

List-o-matic lets you choose the content, layout and presentation of your list-based navigation menus. Just give it a go - it's child's play!

If you're not sure how this works, check out the video how-to tutorial here.