Colly’s new CSS book

… so new, in fact, that it’s not even out yet! I just wanted to take this opportunuity to mention that Simon Collison’s finished his hard work on a beginner’s CSS book for Apress. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now. I will be doing a full review as soon as it’s out and I get a few minutes to put together something worthwhile (in other words, I’ll actually read it rather than skim-read and regurgitate the press release!). I’m hoping that the book fits quite snugly between my own book (a complete beginner’s book for HTML and CSS, web standards all the way) and some of the more advanced CSS books that show you all the nice fancy stuff that you can get creative with (for example, CSS Mastery or Bullet Proof Web Design). Whatever level it’s pitched at, I’m sure Simon has done a great job with it!

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Posted by Ian on Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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